GMBPGM Consulting Offers You Decades of Real In-Market Experience Satisfying Multiple Customers


Speciality Experience

Sales & Marketing Management
PGM Recycling / Utilization
Application Engineering
Program Management
Product Development
Company Restructuring
Greenfield Site and Team Project Launch
Legal Entity Set-up in Asian Countries
Production / R&D Facility Setup / Management
Import / Export
Board of Directors (BOD) Experience

Product Experience

Automotive Powertrain System Components
Automotive Exhaust System (Hot and Cold End)
Motorcycle Exhaust / Powertrain System Components (including SAI / ECU)
Catalytic Converters (including canning, catalysts and substrates)
Regeneration System and Strategies for Diesel Vehicles
Precious Metal Recycle
Rare Earth Oxide Market
Fuel Cells
Oil Refinery Catalysts
Lightweight Materials for Automotive /Non-Automotive Applications
Hybrid Vehicle Components
Uranium Mining and Concentration Processes
Hydrogen Reforming Systems
CNG, LPG and Ethanol (E5 to E85) Fuel System Components
Solar / Green Energy Power Systems and Components
Food and Beverages
Fashion / Sporting Goods

GMBPGM Consulting Commitments to Your Business

#1 - Broaden and grow your Asia - Pacific business!  Use vast Asian experience to be "Your Man in Japan"

#2 - Through GMBPGM Consulting and its personal business partners, increase the import/export business between Australia and Asia through the recently applied FTA

#3 - Utilize 30+ years of environmental pollution control experience to "Green the World" via real action and knowledge, particularly for developing countries in Asia