Meet the Founder and Owner

After decades in the automotive business, Dr. Bickle was approached by a BIG 3 customer to assist with a solution for recycling of end-of-life catalytic converters. From this humble beginning in 2011, GMBPGM Consulting was formulated to support customers in Asia with Asian solutions or Western customers entering the Asian market.

Dr. Bickle has lived in Japan over 25 years, speaks fluent Japanese and some Mandarin. A life spent in the automotive industry where you are "Only as a good as your promises" has given him true understanding of OMOTENASHI spirit to serve the customers.  

GMBPGM tEChOvision is an Asian-based advisory providing real-world services for Asian market entry, PGM recycling, ECO business, SDG2030 solutions, CSR/ESG policy support and technical advise for environmental pollution control for any engine or vehicle from the smallest motor-scooter up to the largest ocean-going ship, on-road or off-road, stationary and fixed engine sources.

Dr. Garry M. Bickle, the company owner and founder, has over 30 years experience, originally in the automotive industry but expanded to many STEM-based industries in Asia, mostly Japan. Recent clients have been expanded to non-STEM businesses

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GMBPGM  TEChOvision - Green, Clean, Honest  Asia-Pacific Based  Advisory for SDG2030, International Market Entry and VIP Services

Outside The Box

GMBPGM Consulting strongly believes in delivering innovative strategies to your needs, not just a "me too" solution

Sensible Solutions

GMBPGM Consulting provides you with practical, honest, real-world solutions for your business.

GMBPGM Consulting Motto

GMBPGM Consulting will provide OMOTENASHI level support to achieve customer goals and retain you as a satisfied customer. 

Forward Thinking

GMBPGM Consulting provides leading-edge specialist-based technical advise gleaned from multiple sources and partner suppliers.